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Little DIY I did today.

Tools needed.
  • Small phillips screwdriver
  • Small pair of pliers
  • Patients, lots.....
Time: about 3 hrs.

With my LX, when it gets hot and humid, the steering wheel gets pretty slippery. I didn't want a cheap cover that you find at Autozone, so I went a hunting. The only thing I found online was at Aliexpress. They have a D shape one too. The cover name is below since I can't post links yet, just search for it on the site.

XuJi Steering Wheel Cover for Kia K5 Optima 2014 2015 Car Special Hand-stitched Black Genuine Leather Covers

I figured for 46$, what could I lose. Took about 2 weeks to get here, and when it did, I was pretty impressed.

Packaging was nice.



It's a pretty simple install. Just follow the instructions. The only thing to note is that the instructions have you putting on the cover with the wheel off the car :-/ I didn't want to do that so I just removed one screw on each side on the back of the wheel. It gives you enough room to wedge the cover under the controls as you can see in the next couple pictures.


One thing to also note, DONT LOOSE THE NEEDLE!!! I for the life of me lost it during the middle of the install and had to drive up the road to Michael's to get another one with the thread wrapped around the wheel. NOT fun...

After you finish sewing the ends and tying it off, with the yellow tool wedge the edges of the cover into the slots. It fits, just need to use a little force. Once you get it going, it's easy.

End result.

Just cleaned.

Other mods done.
  • Badges
  • Trunk Spoiler
  • Technica Roof Spoiler (had another popular one, but it was so warped is wasn't even funny. Would not stay attached when it got hot)
  • Black wrapped the center console.
  • LED cupholders
  • K5 pedals.
Wheels are next :)

Update 10-4-2016: Cover is holding up great. No cracks in the leather or splitting of the stitching. One thing though, the cover comes with 2 sided tape. I'd recommend not using it at all. The leather has gotten tighter with it being in the sun, and you can make out the outlines of the tape just barely. My OCD hates it...

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Not bad and I've seen my buddy did a similar stitching but his stitch was red and it glows a bit more that's all. One thing he noticed after 2 yrs of ownership was that the stitches started peeling off, don't know if he did a shitty job or the cheap stitches just couldn't handle the sun so it slowly dry out resulting to come loose. Hopefully yours will last lol.

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