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You'll need to be a little more detailed with your requests...

But, to answer your question, the best way to wire additional lighting for the floor of your optima is to connect to the front map light circuits, and wire them in parallel.

Assign one circuit to each light for the front, and run the wires down the A pillar.

Wire the rear floor lighting to the dome light circuit, again in parallel, and run the wires for each side down the B pillars.

You can mount the front lights just under the lower dashboard edge, but the rear lights will need to be added to brackets, and mou Ted on top of the floor vents under the front seats for best results.

This setup will give you three zones of control, which will mirror the overhead map and dome light controls.

Also, be sure to use connectors at the lighting units themselves, to make replacement easier, do not simply hardwire everything together.

Good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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