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Whistle at RPM's between 2k-3k or so. Driving me crazy

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I've started to hear a high-pitched whistle at between 2k-3k RPMs or so on my 2012 Optima Hybrid. Been trying to troubleshoot before I head to the dealer.

1) Tone is generally the same pitch, does tail off a bit when it decides to go away
2) Unaffected by AC being on/off
3) Seems to occur when the engine is really warmed up - like running for 15 min or so or longer.
4) Occurs at highway speeds and city speeds
5) Throttle position seems to have a little bit of correlation - happens when throttle is open, sometimes goes away when foot is off gas
6) I've opened, reseated, and closed the air box with no improvement
7) Doesn't seem to be related to EV / ICE mode

I'm stumped. Any ideas for further troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance!
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Listening more, it could be belt or pulley whine.

At 42,000, have not changed the belts. How many are there, and is that advisable at this point?

Can the pulley's be lubricated?
haven't had that issue.... just a popping sound (heard in stop start traffic) that turned out to be the axle spline needing to be cleaned and lubed. Your issue has to be belt or electric motor related. Take the tech on a road test. It was the only way I got my issue resolved at no cost.
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