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So after having the Sickspeed horns I decided that I need more beeping power and set to install a stutter horn. Here is the parts list:
Total install time would be about 3 hrs if you make the mistakes I did, otherwise probably up to 1hr.

Basically after fiddling around with the parts I decided to use the hood lock mount as a base for the siren (which by the way is huge and weight 5+lbs).
At first I removed the plastic air intake thing, removed the black plastic cover, and disconnected the top of the bumper from the two notches.
Initially I mounted the two brackets behind the actual hood locking mechanism and discovered that this doesn't allow for the latch to close completely.
So I had to disassemble everything again but this time I used a few washers and mounted the brackets slightly more forward, leaving a few more millimeters of room.
Some of the plastic around the mount needed to be cut as well to allow for everything to fit in, but it's not visible once you put back on the black plastic cover.
I also had to get rid of the plastic protector around the hood locking mechanism as it was not allowing for enough space for the brackets to fit in.
The actual amplifier I zip-tied to the battery as I couldn't find a better spot for it in the engine bay, it's a really big box. I figured I will probably only replace my battery once.


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