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No, I don't work there... heck, didn't even buy my 2 Kia automobiles from them. But....

My 13 Optima SXL needed sunroof seal work recently, which they did thoroughly and quickly.
My 16 Soul had a recall done for a steering defect, Westside did the work the same day it went in. Washed it too!

The Optima is back there today for a transmission issue and I received a call that it was completed. Mind you, it was towed in around 1pm on Thursday 7/21. Received a call around 6pm that is was finished!!!! Transmission temperature sensor, minor repair..... but again, it was repaired the SAME DAY!

A young service writer there, Sebastian, is on top of his game. Very professional, returns calls promptly, even is proactive when necessary.

Long story short, I've had 3 interactions with their service dept in the last few months, all of them have been exceptional :thumbsup:

Kudos Westside Kia
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