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Optima Forums is the largest and most active online forum dedicated to the 2011+ Kia Optima! We’re glad you took the time to join up and become part of the community! Please be sure to read this guide carefully!

Upon joining the forum, new members are restricted to posting in the New Member Introductions section for the first few posts. You are required to create an introduction thread to say hello to the rest of the members, and get your name out there. Once you get a couple of posts in your intro thread, the rest of the forum will be unlocked to you to post as you wish! This helps to combat spammers more than anything – but it also stops new members from introducing themselves halfway into a long thread about something completely unrelated.

When you create your intro post, please give the following information:


Your model information was required to be filled in when you register, and it will show up in every post you make under your avatar/join date/post count. You can edit this information in the User Control Panel if needed.

You're welcome to share more, of course - like what you want to do to your car, or why you joined up in the first place. These three items not only help us get to know you, but it helps veteran members point you in the right direction for recommended shops, dealerships, mods for your car, and even the right places/vendors to get them from. It doesn't take that long, and it really helps in the long run -
especially with over 25,000 members and counting!

If you have a question about your ride please post it in the appropriate forum after you have made your introduction posts - doing so will give your question more visibility and a quicker reply from another member or site staff.

There aren’t many rules here, but the main one to remember is this: Respect each other!

This is a community of fellow Kia/KDM lovers, and we’re all here for the same reason – we love our cars! Personal insults, name calling, or other immature shenanigans will not be tolerated.

Additional rules:
No advertising (Vendors excluded)
No unauthorized selling of products (See the Classified Rules)

Optima Forums – Important Sections to Know About

Optima Showroom Section

This is a forum dedicated to showing off your ride, the progress, and random posts you want to share about it. You can post a timeline showing the progress, you can use it as a thread to just show off what you have – however you want! It’s your thread to edit however you please! Having a single thread for all updates will eliminate new threads for every mod done to your car – this way people can go to your showroom to see what you have for ideas/inspirations, or questions. To create a showroom, go to the Showroom section and create a new thread. We recommend you post in the first few posts to reserve them for your updates/edits. You can simply say “Reserved” in the post, if you would like. Later, you have the ability to edit your own posts/thread to re-arrange it however you would like. Have fun with it!

Kia Optima Discussion Areas

The most active sections of the site, are the Model Year Discussion forum and the General Discussion forum includes many sub-forums related to the Kia Optima, including Engine and Technical Discussion, Interior and Exterior Modifications, Wheels, Tires, and Suspension, The Optima Hybrid sub-forum, and the Optima DIY Section.

Optima DIY Section

The DIY section is full of write-ups that members have submitted to help you learn how to do your own modifications. The majority of them include step-by instructions and pictures to help you figure out every step along the way. If you have a specific question about a DIY, please post in that DIY thread so the submitter can answer your questions. A new thread is not needed for this.

Classifieds Forum

Before you post anything in the forum, you MUST read the Classified Rules!

You are allowed to sell your personal goods in the Classifieds, but group buys are for vendors ONLY. You may not sell goods for other people/companies – Example: If you work at a dealership and you want to sell goods through the forum as a representative of the dealer, you will need to become a site vendor. To become a site vendor, please e-mail [email protected] for pricing and information. You can contact myself or the account named “Administrator” for questions.

Off Topic Section

This section includes the Off Topic Discussion, for anything not related to cars/Kias, and The Parking Lot, a sub-forum for anything automotive that isn’t a Kia Optima. (Other cars, trucks, etc)

Site Sponsors

Here you will find the sub-forums for our site vendors. You can use these sections to speak directly to the vendor. Ask questions about current products, discuss upcoming products, and pitch them ideas!

Regional Optima Owners

We have a regional section divided into three regional areas: US, Canada, and Rest of the World. You can use these sections to discuss Events, and Meets, other owners Spotted or other activities in your area.

Other Things You Need To Know About

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Owner's Manual

Every car comes with an owner's manual for a reason! Please be sure to read through your manual before asking questions, you would be surprised what you can find in there!

Stickied Threads

In a lot of the site’s subforums, you will see threads stickied at the top for easier access. These threads contain important information that everyone should know. Be sure to check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1) Do I have to cut the bumper to install OEM DRL LED's?

If you are using the OEM DRL module on a 2011-2013 Optima, then yes. The bumper supports for the Korean spec Optima are different than the US Spec. The US Optimas have two sections that stick out, blocking the way of the OEM DRL module, which is why they are not included on 2011-2013 US models.

If you are using custom DRL's, then there's a chance you won't have to cut the bumper support. A handful of members have found a couple of different ways of accomplishing that, linked below:


The Kia Part Number for the SXL Bumper support is 865304C100. That bumper support allows room for the DRL's, and does NOT require cutting. You can do a google search for that part number to buy one online, or ask your dealer to order one.

2) Is there any benefit to using premium fuel on my SX Optima?

Short answer: No. These engines are engineered to run on 87 octane, so that's what you should use.

Some Sonata owners have claimed a gain of approximately 6-8 HP with select octane fuels, but it isn't anything you will notice in everyday driving. The price associated with premium fuel isn't really worth it, considering how expensive gas is nowadays anyway.

3) What type of interior LED's do I need to replace my stock bulbs?

Here are a few threads about replacing the interior lights with LED's:


4) Will adding springs to my car void my warranty?

No. A dealer cannot void your warranty unless the issue you are having is directly caused by the aftermarket part you installed. Springs would not cause many issues.

The only thing that might happen is blowing out a strut from bottoming out as a result of lowering the car - they may not replace the strut under warranty as a result. They will not void your warranty for aftermarket springs.

For more info, Google the "Magnusson v Moss Warranty Act"

5) What is a (TSB) Technical Service Bulletin?

A TSB is a release from Kia stating that they have discovered an issue with the vehicle, or a part on the vehicle, and if you bring in your car they will preform the fix under warranty, at no cost to you.

You can view active TSB's for your car at (Free registration)

6) What is this left pull issue I keep hearing about?

The early 2011 models (and some 2012 models) have had an issue with the steering pulling slightly to the left. A lot of them came from the factory this way, and there is a TSB out to correct it. If you notice your car has a left pull issue, be sure to get it in and get it fixed ASAP, before you reach 12,000 miles (19,312km) After 12,000 miles, you will no longer be able to get free adjustments/fixes from the dealer - and they will charge you for an alignment.

7) I have really bad road noise with my new car. What is the first thing I can do to improve this?

You can buy a product to help eliminate wind noise , a few members have already done so:


8) I heard about the BOV thing. Does this make the car any faster or more horsepower?

No, it does not. it's more aesthetics than anything. On a stock setup, the turbo dumps the excess air back into the intake, to keep everything tidy, economical, and quiet. Filtering to the atmosphere won't provide any noticeable gains, but it does make a neat "FSSSSHHH" sound. :lol:


9) I heard the warranty on the car is not really a 10 year warranty. What is covered and for how long?

The warranty is as follows:


Note: When it says 10 YEAR/100,00 MILES, they mean whichever comes FIRST.


10) What is the difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 "K" Badges?

The 2.0 "K" Badges were made from inferior quality plastics with no clear coat, and had a tendency to spot up and look incredibly bad. The 3.0 Badges have a more raised texture, giving the badge a "3-D" look/feel.

Pictures/Info :

Threads about the badges:


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