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If you are looking for a new or used Kia in WA take the time and drive to Bremerton WA. The Kia dealership there is nothing short of amazing. West Hills Kia. I personally delt with a guy named Chris Bueller who was super nice and did a great job. West Hills has several dealerships in it's group but for this post I'm speaking just about the Kia part of there group. I had the best car buying experience of my life here hands down. I spent many months looking at Optimas at several dealers before finally buying my 2012 Optima here. I used to sell cars so I know the game very well and can honestly say that I/we did not have to play the standard BS game here. The experience was so good that my family and I purchased 3 cars in 2 months including my wifes 04 Navigator and my sons Mustang. I live 50 miles from this dealership and continue to drive there to have my car serviced. If you do go there I hope your experience will be just as good. I wont buy another car anywhere else as long as they are in business.
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