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Valley Kia in Fontana, CA.

Noticed this little section of the forum, and thought I'd share my experience.

Firstly, the service department at the dealership is top notch, and the staff are really nice. Loved taking my old Soul here, if I could get an appointment.

Now, onto sales; I originally had a long story, but really I want to ask the community if they ever had a dealer add $5000 in pre-installed add-ons? I thankfully caught to this quick, because I did several financing calcs including tax, title, registration and fees and immediately knew with the initial loan terms the sales manager gave that something about the price wasn't right. Needless to say, the car magically became $5000-$6000 cheaper when I was ready to walk out after they showed me the extra add-on sticker.

Sales Manager also lied about the terms of the loan to get me to do a $1000 down payment. I was in shock when I met with the finance guy and he showed me that the payment was $30 less and my interest rate was 2 freakin' percent lower than what the sales manager told me. Whatever, $1000 in down payment is an extra $1000 off the financing, so I wasn't too annoyed.

Definitely go here for service, avoid like the plague for sales.
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