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Hello everyone.

I have recently purchased my first KIA (and car) ever. I got a new 2020 Optima S trim for a really good deal ($18.5, woot!). I love the car, but really would like to change out the halogen bulbs in the headlights. From what I understand the S trim has the LED daylight bulbs, but the rest are halogen. I have been searching around on google, but I have not found anything specifically directed at the 2020 model Optimas (not sure if there is any difference between the 2019 and 2020 models in terms of lights). I have heard that I would need to level my lights (no idea how to do), and that I may need a different size bulbs than the 2019 models because they use many different bulbs throughout the same vehicle.

I have seen some LED lights that come with a black adapter box, and have seen some that do not come with it, which do I need, and is there any disadvantages to me swapping this out?

If anyone can let me know what I am in for, I would appreciate it.


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Hello @OptimaSOwner welcome to the Optima Forums.

Congrats on getting your 2020 Optima S, and it sounds like you got a great deal too! ;)

When it comes to aftermarket LED Lighting, let me tell you, they are not all created equally.

We do have a kit made specifically for Kia & Hyundai vehicles, designed to work extremely well.

Your 2020 Kia Optima S should use the 9005 halogen bulbs, and you can find those on our site below:

RGB LED Color Changing Headlight or Fog Light Kit - K5 Optima Store

Just let us know if you have any questions before ordering.

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