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2016 Optima LX 1.6 Eco-T
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Not really wanting to go balls out nuts since this is only a 1.6T but would like some improvements

Starting with a amplifier and sub install.

Is there any room under the right seat for an amplifier? The one I want to install is 10"x10"x2.5" and the Line Level converter
from Audio Source is about the same size. There are NO power seat controls on the passenger's seat. Would love to drop down
under console to side between pass seat and console for wiring
Does this Radio with Navi suffer from the same [email protected] the my Elantra did where the "loudness" curve built into the radio
would flatten out the bass the louder the radio was turned up?

Installing an oil catch can necessary? I tend to drive cars like I stole them. So I want to keep this in decent shape

Next upgrade would be front strut brace install. Do they make one for the rear? I cannot seem to find one on Ebay or Amazon.

Replace intercooler and possibly relocate to lower bumper area. Feasible idea?

I will most likely bother you people some more.

I will upload pictures when I get her tinted and cleaned
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