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Thoughts on Window Tint and Clear Bra

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Hey everyone,

This is my Optima, have had it for 3 weeks now.

I've never had window tinting done before, but plan to have this car done this week. The front windows will be 50% by law. What do you guys recommend for the back? Is 5% too dark...can you still see out fairly well? Would paying the extra fro Ceramic be worth it....does it make that much of difference?

Also considering a partial or full hood clear bra. Worth the $500-$900? Any downside to having them applied?

Thanks for sharing any thoughts and ideas
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Check out this thread for window tinting. Bunch of info on it.

Window Tinting

As far as the clear bra. I wish I would have done one on mine and I have an Ebony Black Optima. Search around the forum. Lot of info on that also. Oh and Im at 5% on my rears and its not too dark. Good luck.
Thanks Eric, should have looked at the stickys first! Sorry everyone.

I read almost ALL of the posts on tinting now. Wish I could do all the windows the same tint, but I believe Utah's law is 43% Front windows, and this place does 50% Front probably to account for slight tint already on the window. I'm thinking 10-15% for the rest. Hope it won't look too weird. I've also decided to pay the extra $100 for the Ceramic.

Now to search for Clear Bra posts. :)
No problem. Glad I could help. I have 5% on rear windows and 30% on fronts (Arizona Law) and it doesn't look bad. though I might go just a bit darker in the front. As long as you can see a difference between the front and rear, DPS (highway patrol) doesn't give you any grief here.

Oh and look at the bottom of this page. They already have some suggested threads for clear bra.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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