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Hello Members of Optima Forums! Over the YEARS of not being involved in the forums many unflattering things have been said about our company (yes, that's putting it nicely). We understand not all situations have been handled correctly, however we're here to hopefully make amends with any past disgruntled customers and reassure future customers we're here to provide quality support along with our high quality accessories. Since we've been given this platform, we'd like to clarify some common misconceptions about our company.

Thanks in advance for reading and if anyone has questions, concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via PM, Live Chat, Facebook, E-mail or Toll Free.

“Don't Buy from Sherwood Automotive / Korean Auto Imports .. they have an “F” Rating with the BBB!”

Our Reply:
Regarding our BBB rating. Many years ago the owner made a decision not to join the BBB after repeated telemarketing calls to join for $400/year. Recently the Southern California division of the BBB was shut down (everyone fired/doors closed) due to these telemarketing strategies: Ripoff Report | Better Business Bureau BBB & CBBB Complaint Review Arlington, Select State/Province: 1343.

Believe it or not, we can purchase an A+ rating from the BBB, however choose not to as a matter of principal. We welcome everyone to educate themselves on the “possibly criminal” practices of the BBB by viewing the following 20/20 investigation originally posted in 2010:

“They are difficult to deal with and do not honor their return policy”

Our Reply:
With regard to our reputation, we would simply like to say, we have very clear/up-front company policies which we stand by. The majority of the 40 some BBB complaints we've received over the years are policy related issues (ie: non-returnable special order items, electrical/lighting item claims etc). All potential customers have the opportunity to review our policies prior to purchase to make an informed decision. I believe our policies are fair and in-line with competitors in this industry: Korean Auto Imports. We do our best to treat everyone fairly. however surely not all situations have been handled correctly. We're only human and we are making an effort to right some wrongs and better our practices each day.

Further, a disgruntled customer of ours posted a YouTube video which many have discussed on the forums. Please note, this customer has been taken care of and recently provided the following e-mail message:
“YouTube video deleted.
Keep up the excellent work.
Much appreciated.”
This customer also insisted he remove his video from YouTube due to our good faith efforts to rectify his issue. We encourage anyone else who may have had a less than favorable experience to reach out to us again. We would like to be given the opportunity to rectify any situations which were handled incorrectly.

“They have horrible customer service and don't even speak English!”

Our Reply:
To address the comments made about the quality of our customer support. Our
phone support is geared toward order updates, processing, billing
questions. Please note, for technical support (ie: electrical/lighting/wiring/fitment
questions) please contact us via e-mail, live chat or facebook. We have a
very knowledgeable staff willing to assist with any product questions.

Please note, return packages do not arrive directly to our warehouse facility, rather to a UPS return box address. We collect and process all return packages as expeditiously as possible. Typically there is a 1 week turn-around time for refund processing upon physical receipt of the return package to our own facility.

Never, in the decade we've been in business has a single employee not spoken perfectly clear English. We are located in the USA. All employee's are American citizens. The comments made about employees of our company not speaking English are false. We can be reached by phone M-F 8am-4pm mountain USA time, 623-925-5709.

“They are just a drop-shipper and run their business from home!”

Our Reply:
We are clearly not a drop-shipment company, feel free to view the photos
of our facilities over the years along with our SEMA show exhibition:

While we (as most U.S based companies) do deal with certain manufacturers who may offer drop-shipment service, we are by definition a direct-importer, stocking distributor and in our own right a manufacturer of automotive accessories. Since closing the doors of our 6000sqft showroom facility in 2011, we maintain a warehouse facility which is closed to the public/distribution only. To avoid having customers visit our warehouse location uninvited, our return address on all packages is a UPS return box address.

“They are elusive and shady as they have many different business entities!”

Our Reply:
Sherwood Automotive is our parent company name. DBA names have been created for the various divisions/product lines as this is the structure chosen to differentiate our distributor/manufacturer status. Further, we have bought-out/acquired competitors inventory over the years. These company names were only temporarily assumed for legal purposes, then later consolidated. There is no validity to claims of elusiveness or deception; one would only need to look as far as our About Us page to clarify any misconceptions or confusion on this issue.

“Orders take months to receive and they are unresponsive once they have your money!”

Our Reply:
We offer the largest selection of imported automotive accessories from South Korea and Europe, nearly 50,000 parts & accessories and we special order thousands of unlisted parts upon request! Many items are special order, not stocked in our USA facility. We encourage customers to contact us to check stock prior to order placement, we're glad to provide an ETA (ESTIMATED time of arrival) for any items of interest. Many items have an ETA of 2-3 weeks, others 3-4 weeks (custom painted or custom assembled parts) and 4-6 weeks (large freight special order parts). IMPORTANT NOTE: We are no longer importing body kit items via BOAT due to increasingly long delays. We apologize to all customers who waited months longer than estimated in the past. All body kit/aero parts are NOW imported via AIR FREIGHT with much faster processing times.

We are currently working on a new website on an upgraded platform to provide up to date information on all items. As ALWAYS customer support is available M-F 8am-4pm mountain USA time. While phone support may not always be able to assist on-the-spot, we do our best to provide accurate, friendly customer care. Your satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

“KAI has high pricing; you can find the parts cheaper elsewhere!”

Our Reply:
We are more than happy to consider matching or beating competitor pricing
for ANY listed or non-listed items, please contact us through PM, toll free, live chat,
facebook or e-mail. Customer support is available M-F 8am-4pm mountain USA time.

Toll free: 1-866-767-3686
E-mail: [email protected]
Live Chat:

We offer hundreds of exclusive items which cannot be found ANYWHERE else: Korean Auto Imports - KIA and HYUNDAI Accessories
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