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Its been a long road, but [email protected] had the best kit for fairly easy power.
I had one shop ruin my plugs. David was kind enough to help me out on a second set of plugs. I finally finished everything I want (except the coilover kit). There always is something more!
Anyway I wanted to mention that once I found out about the chip having octane settings (I had no idea). 🤔. Anyway, better late than never. The car idles solid and refined, has overall is easier to get on the power smoothly. 👌 I just want to thank this site and everyone here that had valuable info on getting this done.
Thanks David, Exline custom Automotive/truck shop.
And thanks to the moderator. I said a few curse words earlier and someone said "ban". Ok....well I am sorry you feel that way, but I was excited and forgot myself. Very Sorry about that.
*** Detroit Axle sent the wrong slotted and drilled front rotors. Just bummed about that. But it will work out. Thanks everyone.
PS. I sold my red 2012 EX just 2 weeks ago. I will upload new pics.
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