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I have 2011 Kia optima and my steering wheels has been fading for a while.

I purchased after market leather steering wheel cover from Alibaba and it was made for my specific car.

Installation was pain in the ass. but I'm decently happy with the result.

1. Clean the wheel with windex, 409...

2. put new replacement cover on the steering wheel.

3. adjust adjust, adjust. make sure it fit the wheel nicely.

4/ install double sided tape around the steering wheel. specially the 3, 9 pm handle area

5. Stich away. start from the seems and go towards the end.

Youtube video has tons different methond about stitching.

2017-10-17 16.59.23.jpg

2017-10-15 13.02.19.jpg

2017-10-15 15.08.11.jpg

2017-10-17 16.59.12.jpg
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