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I was out of town over the weekend. Daughter calls to say her brakes “went out” and after she pulled it over, it wouldn’t start. I said, call the insurance company to have it towed home (it was almost blocking the entrance to her college campus)

I get home yesterday and start poking around. It clicks as of the battery is weak, but the radio, etc still works. But still would not start. I can’t find anything for where or to to replace the starter.

Anyway, I take the battery out (why is that so difficult) and take it to autozone. It needs charging...will not hold a charge. New battery. I install it and havetry to start, still no start. Then I see smoke billowing from under the hood, from both the driver and passenger sides up fromAND both terminals of the battery.

Oh, and the oil leaks and there’s very little oil

any info on the starter (how to remove)?
Any info on oil leaks?
Is the electrical system shot? Why the smoke?
(Brakes look good by the way)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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