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I have a 2011 Optima with a manual transmission and 125K miles, with a lot of that being highway miles. Just recently I started having issues with shifting gears. It doesn't seem to be slipping at all, I just can't shift into gear easily. It gets better when I pump the clutch a bunch. Also, I just had a new engine put in under the extended warranty for manufacturers default. While the dealer was doing the work he offered to replace my clutch without any labor costs since it was already taken apart. However his words were "Your clutch looks fine but we wanted to offer you the option to replace it without labor in case you wanted to do it." Since he told me it was fine and really didn't need to be replaced I opted out of doing it. So to my knowledge, the clutch itself should be fine.

I changed the MTF in the car since it had only been done one other time around 50K. This didn't really seem to help. I plan on bleeding the slave but haven't gotten to it yet. Provided that doesn't solve my issue I was thinking the below.

My thoughts now are: Slave and/or master cylinder could be bad. My fluid doesn't seem to be low and I don't see any leaks anywhere. But I also understand that they can just wear out and not function as well without presenting a leak. The issue is, the slave is located inside of the trans. I could replace the clutch master just fine and see what that does as well but I'm also looking for any past experience/advice on this. Is it common for the slave to crap out inside the transmission? Would I see any leaks on the outside of the slave if it were not working properly, or would it be leaking into the transmission itself? Also debating the thought of replacing the master, seeing how it goes, then going to the slave cylinder as a last resort. It seems it would be a big project to replace since the trans would have to come out... But while I was doing the MTF I noticed the transmission was really accessible on this car, would it be that difficult for a moderate DIYer to do it on a weekend?

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