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Recently, I switched over to Diode Dynamics for the side marker switchbacks I'm using.
I used to use a dual row design, but it was never weatherproofed properly, and my own efforts never worked out quite right...
So, here's what I switched to: HD LED Switchback Strip (Single) x2

Here's what came in the mail:

Installation and setup were pretty easy, and I appreciated how the kit came with pigtails I could wire into the turn signal wiring, but then connect them to the control modules and lighting strips at my leisure.

Another very nice thing is the phosphor strip, which makes the light in the strips themselves a lot less "granular", improves weatherproofing immensely, and gives a nice futuristic vibe...

Here's a video of them in operation: Side Marker Switchback Test

Highly recommended, couldn't be happier!
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