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Looks pretty sweet! How much of a reduction would we be seeing? Interested to hear from people who have had it installed. I know a buddy of mine is interested after he backed his car into a house deck lol
That is a great question, I am not sure on the actual weight reduction, but as mentioned below it is pretty significant. Let your buddy know that we can work with him and or his insurance company to get a replacment for him. Many times very close to or even cheaper than the OEM replacement.

I just installed it on mine, I can't give you exact numbers BUT it's significantly lighter. When i open the trunk, the weight is so reduced that it flies open instead of just unlocking like the OEM trunk. I now have to figure out how to either add weight or reduce the opening tension so i don't end up damaging it when i open the trunk
LOL that's awesome. Yeah I've heard you have to be careful when using the automatic trunk pop function as it can damage something from flying open. Any pics of it installed?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts