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Is excited to bring to the Optima community:

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood Prop



The days of using a broom stick to hold your hood or trunk open are over!
Seibon Carbon introduces the very FIRST and ONLY carbon fiber hood/trunk prop in the automotive industry
It features a sleek, glossy finish that will complement the presentation of your engine bay
Can extend up to 50’’ inches to provide maximum clearance and “playing” room as possible
**Carbon fiber hoods and trunks are usually much lighter in weight than their stock counterparts. As a result, the shocks/dampers/struts/springs that are used with original metal pieces have stronger pressures than what's necessary for a carbon fiber piece. Customers are advised NOT to use those mechanisms, because they may prevent your hood and/or trunk from closing and may cause carbon products to crack due to over-pressure**

Vehicle Applications:

All vehicles



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Car season is now upon US!

This is perfect for anyone with a carbon fiber hood or for those of you that take your Optima to car shows!

Manufactured by Seibon using high grade carbon fiber

This is universal hood prop is compatible with all vehicles

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