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Whats up?

I purchased a 2014 Optima LX that needed a headlight lens on the drivers side. Bought one from Amazon and popped it in along with new LED bulbs all around.

Noticed some days later that the new light had an extra light source that the old one doesn't have. It's a tube light/strip/brow that comes on with the headlight (not the side marker, and it's not a DRL)

For comparison, here's the passengers side without the illuminated brow

The lens I purchased was by a manufacturer name ACANII but was supposed to be a direct oem replacement for a US built 2014-16 Optima w/o LED Positioning Lights.

I wondered if I had accidentally bought (or was sent the ones with LED Positioning Lamps but when I Google them, the lights are totally different.

Another difference between the lights are the side marker bulbs. The new light has what appears to be 2 small marker bulbs that can't be accessed from the outside of the housing

The old light has a regular bulb that can be accessed

So is the light strip an aftermarket feature on the new light? Or is this standard, but the strip on the old light is blown out? I can't find any details about this other that the LED Positioning Lights that come on higher trim levels.

On the new light, there are part numbers that I can't find on any official US kia website "92101 4m500"

I REALLY like the brow, and will order another one for the passengers side of its not a serviceable bulb, but I need to know what to order and the listing for the light is gone now.

The closest I've found is this one (different brand and seller though)... It has the same 2 bulbs with no access from the housing and looks to have the same markings on top but doesn't mention anything about the brow (neither did the other light)

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A lot of people refer to that led brow as a DRL too. My car came without them, so I also ordered headlights with the led brow strips. If you can’t access the bulbs for the indicator then maybe they are also led strip too, rather than halogen bulbs.
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