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Hey guys, this weekend I installed my new radar detector in my 2011 Kia Optima and wanted to hardwire it to turn off and on with the car. After doing some research on what everyone else is doing, there wasn't any write ups on it nor did anyone really say where they had done it (at least that I could find. Previous cars I had run a wire across the window and down the pillar into a fuse box somewhere. This time I didn't think that would be needed, I tapped into the map light that is lit all the time!

Started by removing the 2 screws in the overhead sunglasses holder, then gentle pulling the front of the entire assembly down.

Wires on the left are for the sunroof controls, middle (black and red) wires are the map light, and the wires on the right are for the dome light. I tested those black and red wires to see which is positive/negative then also checked to see there IS 12v power going to that.

I then simply ran the radar detector power wire though the headliner.

I added some male wire taps to the power and ground of the middle overhead connector

I hooked female connectors to the corresponding detector power leads.

I attached the connecters and it all turned on! Then put things all back together.

Hopefully this helps some of you that have been wanting or further those that will be doing his! Feel free to ask anymore on it! Enjoy!
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