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Long story short, I made the stupid decision to put a car battery from one of our other cars into our Optima to test if it needed a new battery (old one wasn't holding a charge, should have just replaced it lol). Immediately after connecting the new battery, the car honked and I saw the fuse by the battery terminal blow.

After that dumb move, I bought and installed a new battery because that was obviously the initial cause of the car dying. I checked all fuses and replaced what was blown (the battery post fuse, the "Audio" fuse, and the "Module 3" fuse). The car now functions 100% normally except now the AC doesn't blow cold air. I can't hear any indication of the condenser kicking on when I turn the AC on and off either.

I don't know what to do and would rather not go to the mechanic to save money if it's something simple. Any ideas?
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