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Could be manufacturing tolerances between brands even if comparing like size to like size but even you'd have to agree that ON PAPER there is no way that a 235/45-17 and a 245/45-17 tire can give the same exact reading. Also theoretically the speedometer reading should change (even if an insignificant change) as the tires slowly wear down since a tire with less tread will have a smaller overall circumferance compared to that of a brand-new tire but that's a different discussion for another time.

Do you happen to recall the speedo needle location at the 60 mph mark when you ran the 215/55-17 tires? Just curious since if we were to assume that with the 215 tire the needle was right at the 60 mph hash mark, then it would make sense that with the 225 tire the needle would be a wee bit left of the 60 mph hash mark since the 225 is a slightly-larger circumference tire (fewer tire rotations to cover a fixed distance, thus the speedo would read lower).
Just saw the question, but got to remember that the OEM 235/45-17 Michelin tires on the Acura TL were designed by Acura and were 25.7" in diameter, same diameter as the aftermarket 245/45-17, not the normal aftermarket 235/45-17 @ 25.3".
No I don't remember the speedometer with the 215/55-17 as they were only on the car for a couple of days before I went with the 225.

Back to the OP, do like those wheels.
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