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guess I'll remind you of The Welsh National Anthem - in Welsh and English to begin with

..... middle line is phonetic, top is Welsh, bottom is english.

A quick look at the Welsh Heritage:

- since it is 02/14 a welsh love song ...

and we deny intimidation...

The first anthem... .. hear when the welsh crowd start singing above the opposition ! ...

...and modern day passion.

and then why us welsh are famous ...

and of course ...the perfect welsh voice ... hope you enjoy this ! Charlotte Church of course as a younster.

Verse 1
(Idris Gawr (English: Idris the Giant; c. 560 – 632) was a king of Meirionnydd in early medieval Wales. He is also sometimes known by the patronymic Idris ap Gwyddno (Idris son of Gwyddno).

Tongues of fire on Idris flaring,
News of foemen near declaring,
To heroic deeds of daring,
Call you, Harlech men.
Groans of wounded peasants dying,
Wails of wives and children flying,
For the distant succour crying,
Call you, Harlech Men.
Shall the voice of wailing,
Now be unavailing,
You to rouse, who never yet
In battle's hour were failing?
This our answer, crowds down pouring,
Swift as winter torrents roaring.
Not in vain the voice imploring,
Calls on Harlech men.

Verse 2

Loud the martial pipes are sounding,
Every manly heart is bounding,
As our trusted chief surrounding,
March we, Harlech men.
Short the sleep the foe is taking;
Ere the morrow's morn is breaking,
They shall have a rude awakening,
Roused by Harlech Men.
Mothers, cease your weeping,
Calm may be your sleeping,
You and yours in safety now,
The Harlech men are keeping.
Ere the sun is high in heaven,
They you fear, by panic riven,
Shall, like frightened sheep, be driven,
Far, by Harlech men.

There are a lot of versions of this song (especialy in the film score) - the choir for verse 2 actually sings this version:

Royal Canadian Hussars

Hark! I hear the foe advancing,
Barb'd steeds are proudly prancing;
Helmets in the sunbeams glancing,
Glitter through the trees.
Men of Har-lech, lie ye dreaming?
See ye not their falchions gleaming,
While their pennons gaily streaming
Flutter in the breeze?
From the rocks rebounding
Let the war cry sounding
Summon all at Cambria's call,
The haughty foe surrounding.
Men of Harlech, on to glory!
See, your banner fam'd in story
Waves these burning words before ye,
"DEATH before we yield!"

Modern Welsh music still remembers our roots and passions.

Calon Lân sung by Cerys Matthews, is a Welsh hymn, whose words were written in the 1800s by Daniel James (23 January 1848 - 11 March 1920) to a tune by John Hughes (1872-1914).[1]
The hymn is often associated with Welsh rugby union, being sung before almost every Test match involving the Welsh national team.

...and the song she baby sat me & my sister with ...

and of course - the reason my 80 year old grandmother got us to drive back to the stadiums..

and i'll leave you with my favorite guitarist and probably the most famous welsh man...after I pay tribute to Tom's most famous song..

The green green grass of home. (get your underwear ready - lol)

Mr. Mark Knopfler & Tom Jones

and of course the Soul of Wales ... Shirley Bassey

Thank You for watching & understanding why we are Welsh !

Most Clever
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and to prove that welsh singing is alive and well and still loved by our kids..

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my Fmaily:

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