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Hi all!

TL;DR: Please confirm CarPlay upgrade available to all 15 model years and please advise of any major known common issues with 15 SX Turbos.

Just joined the forum, first time poster. I recently drove an Optima as a rental car and really actually liked the car. I'm not a foreign car guy at all (Currently drive a Jeep, but I usually own Fords/Lincolns) but the Optima really impressed me. I decided I wanted a second car and I have begun looking for vehicles, and the Optima is pretty high on my list. A big must for me is Apple CarPlay and I did read that 15-16MY vehicles got a free update from Kia. I know in 2016 Kia did a small refresh on the Optima and I just want to confirm that there are people out there with 2015 MY Optima's with the 8" screen that have successfully gotten and installed the CarPlay upgrade.

I drove a '16 SX Turbo tonight and nearly bought it but came to find out the car has structural damage reported on the CarFax and I'm incredibly concerned about that. I know it could be as simple as the radiator or something being damaged but regardless of what happened if I ever want to resell or trade this vehicle in the future I'm either SOL or getting 20% of what it's actually worth, even though the car looks and drives completely fine. So I found a 15 SX Turbo from another dealership with the same miles, and it happens to be a few thousand cheaper (And the dealership has had it longer, more negotiating power) so I'm considering going and taking a look at that one, but as stupid as it sounds, I'm concerned about CarPlay, lol. It's a one owner vehicle and I have a feeling said person probably didn't install any update for me to go see for myself.

Also - I know every car generally has issues - but I'm just curious if anyone here could maybe shed any light on known major problems with the 15 SX Turbos? I can't seem to find much info online about it. I know 11-14 engines had a recall and it was fixed in 15 but any additional info would be great so I can take it into consideration.

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