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2012 Kia Optima Ex T-GDI
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I have a 2012 EX Turbo that came with the Power Folding Mirrors. When I bought the car, the folding motors would run nonstop, as many others have had happen. So I wasn't able to adjust my mirrors since I had to leave them unplugged.

I was able to acquire a set of Power Folding Mirrors off of a 2015 EX. However those mirrors had the 14-Pin connectors and mine had the 8-Pin connectors. After spending hours looking for a color coded diagram of each connector, I finally was able to get them and spliced all the wires according to the diagrams(I'll attach the diagrams at the bottom.)

I did the passenger side first since it was the mirror that I cant reach to adjust manually and everything worked great, except it would Fold at all when I pressed the button on the main switch.

After I finished both mirrors, I tested the driver side mirror.

When I press up on the switch, it goes left. When I press left on the switch, it goes left.
When I press right on the switch it goes down.
When I press down on the switch, it goes down.

Also, when I have the selector switch in the middle or right positions, it will still move the driver mirror as well. The one good thing is the mirror folds when I press the button on the switch.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong? I have checked a few times to make sure I wired everything correctly but I might be missing something.
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