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POB45 - Hybrid Battery Voltage Sense "C" Circuit Error? (2017 Optima PHEV)

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Our 2017 Optima PHEV just turned on the HEV warning light (solid yellow triangle with
HEV and exclamation point). The Kia app says:
POB45 - Hybrid Battery Voltage Sense "C" Circuit

"Possible condition(s) with your Battery Management System
has been detected. KIA recommends a full system check when convenient."

Just wondering if anybody had ran into this error message before and what the resolution was? We've got an appointment to drop it off tomorrow for a check, but I wanted to know how hard I should push for a loaner vehicle.... (the last HEV warning light turned out to be only a burnt out fuse...but that was a different error code/message...)

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Update: Kia now says that they won't have the replacement HV Battery (part) until January 2023. They offered to buy us out of the vehcile for our original purchase price (less taxes, fees & registration) also depreciating the 6k miles we put on it. [They refused to consider the fact that the used vehicle market has appreciated ~ 40% since we purchased the vehicle, or the kelly blue book or NADA price estimates, or the replacement cost for a comparable PHEV.....] So it looks like we will be waiting until it is repaired (hopefully Jan 2023....
That is some really crappy customer service from Kia.
Update: When we let their first offer expire, Kia increased their offer to the lower end of the KBB value (around 18k). We are looking around for replacement vehicles, but it looks like the true retail replacement cost for a 2017 era PHEV is around 25k right now. (Yey inflation and used vehicle market weirdness.....)
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Update: The dealer has received our replacement battery! (484 days later....)

A service tech called and said that the four tires had flat spots, and they recommended re-surfacing the brake rotors (rust) and an oil change. (apparently they didn't move it in the year+ it sat on their lot waiting for the HV battery....) I told them that as long as Kia was paying for it to go on ahead and the service techniction said he'd have to "ask his director" on that.
They should replace the tires and do whatever service is needed being as the delays were completely their fault.
I would accept nothing less.
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@summetj, I'm so glad to hear your battery FiNALLY showed up. It gives me a little hope for mine. I got lucky; my car is still running and in my possession. But I don't trust it for long trips. I try not to depend much on the HV battery, so I seldom charge it up.

So far I've been waiting 3 months.
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