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2013 Kia Optima SX-T
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My 2013 Kia Optima Sx-t was in an accident a few years back and the hit was on the driver side front corner.
Upon moving the car from accident to body shop, the battery blew up.

The car has been put back together and I'm trying to pass the smog to get my tags renewed.
In driving the car from a dead stop, when I accelerate too hard the car will sputter. When I slow down to come to a stop, the car may cut out and shut off. It will turn right back on. If I approach a stop slow enough, it will stay on. I have driven the car numerous miles without the check engine light coming back on to avoid the above behaviors. Driving on the freeway at a constant speed, there's no issues.
02 sensors, spark plugs, are brand new, map sensor brand new,
The 02 sensors are running under 2volts when idle and to 3 when I'm driving.

Issue is under load wide open throttle - WOT
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