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Hey fellas,

So this is for those who own a 2018-2019 optima with Megan 1 1/2” lowering springs. Have you guys had any issues with them? How often do they bottom out?

I really want to lower mine but don’t think anything less than the 1 1/2” drop would be worth the money or the hassle. I don’t really care for performance just stance and something that’s not going to trash my struts by bottoming out all the time.

Thanks in advance 🤙🏼

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We have sold quite a few sets of the Megan Racing Lowering Springs over the past few years, since the 16-19 have the same suspension.

The drop height is going to be:

Front Lowering: 1.5in
Rear Lowering: 1.125in

I would highly recommend going with the aftermarket TruHart Sport Shocks/Struts Combo Package.

This way you aren't ruining the ride quality and prematurely wearing out the factory struts and shocks.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.
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