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For a while now I have been doing some experimentation on improving the air intake of my 2017 EX short of buying a CAI.

I am convinced the factory air intake snorkel is a terrible design and not providing enough air to the throttle body and turns out I was right.

The snorkel is in a poor position squished between the hood and the rad so it looks like its difficult to get some good air flow.
I have tried certain things on improving the snorkel itself. I finally came to this design after trial and error and the improvement in performance is very very noticeable. Its like a different car.
It has much better acceleration now and I even have some power in 6th gear. Its crazy how much better the engine runs. The snorkel was strangling the TB for air. You know how if you push the gas pedal there's a slight delay in engine revving that's now gone. You just go now. Please see pictures.

And no additional engine noise. What I ended up doing was cutting four 1 inch and a quarter holes in the bottom of the snorkel so it can get some good air than blocked up the front of the snorkel so it only see's air thru my holes. Please see the pictures.

I wouldn't be telling you this if it did not make a dramatic difference. I will be improving the blocked off by tape snorkel look soon.

Also since I live in Florida I usually bypass the coolant to the throttle body that helps performance too somewhat as the throttle body is then about 100 degree's cooler than the engine and the engine likes that cold air. Plus it greatly extends the life of the TB fly by wire motor. The bypass is done by removing the 2 small coolant hoses attached to the TB and using a pex barrel just barrel them together. I have done this to every single car I have owned in the last 40 years here. Works great no issues but don't do this in a cold state as TB may get icing.

I'm here to say this car kicked my ass trying to accomplish this bypass lol.

Since I had to take coolant hoses off I dumped the rad and a standard oil change bucket fits under the car without jacking it up. I have removed the bottom cover and have not reinstalled it yet. The rad dump bolt is a hand tightened petcock that you can see from the top look down behind the rad on the drivers side by the battery you can reach down and open it and dump the coolant rad only. Second time I have replaced the rad coolant like this with factory Kia coolant. Easy..rad only no air lock drama. This is the best way to service the coolant.
It's really hard to get the 2 TB coolant hoses off it requires a hose clamp tool (linked) as you cant get pliers in the tight spots these hoses are in. Once I got the hoses off which was very very difficult I found there different ID's. One hose diameter is much bigger than the other....why? these are input and output hoses why are they different inside diameter? I looked around and could not find a barrel with 2 different sizes so gave up and put it back together. Too bad though since engines really like this mod.

This is all I did to get more air. There were only little slits in the radiator cover like the passenger side so I opened it up by cutting a big section out of it to be able to suck more air into the factory air intake.
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