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This Guide is to help you with your installation of the OLM Fog Light High Beam HarnessThis install comes with two caveats:

1. This mod will NOT allow you to use your fog lamps independently of all other electrical systems, they will still only go live if the headlamps are engaged.

2. This mod will PERMANENTLY connect your fog lamps to your high beams, essentially giving you 4 high beams. While you'll still be able to engage and disengage your fog lamps at will in low-beam mode, you will have no control over them while in high beam mode. This means even if you are flashing your high beams in the daylight, all 4 lights will flash.

Step 1. After you've unpacked the harness, and laid it out, isolate the High Beam Input "Y" component (Not Shown):

Now, cut off one part of the high beam "Y" connector, and save it for later. This will be our High Beam Trigger Component, and will command the Fog Lamps to engage. (DON'T cut off the HARNESS SIDE!)

Step 2. Remove your front bumper (disconnecting all appropriate wires):

If you reed some pointers on this, see this video:

Step 3. Remove your Driver's Side Headlamp Assembly, and isolate the High Beam wires:

(When the connector for the headlamp assembly is seen head-on, they are the Second Vertical Pair from the Right, a Pink wire, and the Black one below it.)

Step 4. Splice the High beam Trigger we cut off earlier to these wires, mindful of polarity:

(If you do this correctly, you will have a spare connector, so this will create an easily detachable setup)

Step 6. Wire the Fog Lamp supply, and Battery lead, and connect the High beam Trigger

Step 7. Run the harness wire for the passenger fog lamp into position, and secure. Isolate the OEM connector, to allow for reversion if necessary:

Step 8. Reassemble, and test. If you've done it correctly, it should look like this with the high beams on:

Congratulations! You now have 6 powerful beams to pierce the night!


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