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Hi all!

2014 Kia Optima 2.4L GDI with 100,000 miles.

I have a strange one for you. A random intermittent noise. Hard to describe…..sort of like tappets out of spec but it’s not. I ‘stethoscoped’ around the valve train area and could hear the cam/lifter/valve relationship sounded normal. A tiny bit ‘clicky’ and whirring. Nothing out the ordinary.

Here’s the thing……it ‘seems’ to happen when you stop and have your foot on the brake. If you apply the parking brake and let your foot off the brake pedal it ‘seems’ to go away. I say seems because this dumb noise comes and goes……there when it’s there and not always there when you are trying to locate it.

Doesn’t do it when the engine is first started.

Cannot hear it over road/traffic noise whilst driving.

I saw something about the bearing in the roller camshaft follower/lifter for the fuel pump going bad.
I also wondered about a serpentine belt tensioner bearing or some other pulley bearing.

One more thing. When I was listening with my trusty long screwdriver ‘stethoscope’……I leaned on the plastic upper engine cover at the back and the noise got louder. My daughter was sitting behind the wheel to rev the motor for me etc and she heard it get louder right away.

Disclosure time……I’m an ex-master motorcycle mechanic with 25yrs pro experience and for the last 22 yrs I have worked as a rigger in Hollywood in film and television production.
So I know my way around tools and things mechanical. I’ve done lots of work on cars, completely rebuilt a 350 Chevy motor at my house and a 1600 GT Ford engine, lots of brakes, clutches, electrical repair etc etc etc but I do not consider myself a car wrench. I still have all my tools, compressor, air tools and all so I can tackle many tasks. Just saying in case anyone wonders my skill level.

I could probably eventually troubleshoot this but figured to ask here in case anyone has come across this before and I can thereby save myself some time and effort.

I want to get on top of this quickly because it’s my 22yr old daughter’s daily driver.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your time reading this and any replies.
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