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2013 Optima LX 2.4L // 2016 Optima SXL 2.0L Turbo
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I actually don't have to do this but figured I'd share because I've been away for so long. Long time forum lurker from Toronto Canada.

Been following the Optima seen since about 2017. Didn't do much work because I didn't have a turbo. BUT I do now =]

2013 Optima LX 2.4L
  • Tints
  • Aftermarket Lip Spoiler
  • K&N Air box filter then moved up to Concept III Cold Air Intake
  • Strut Bar
2016 Optima SXL 2.0L Turbo
  • Muffler Delete
  • AEM "Cold Air" Intake (received and installing soon)
  • BOV Sound Plate (ordered)
  • Strut bar
  • Oil Catch can
  • Sound Deaden Trunk (Muffler delete drone is not bad at all, even on highways. But I still would like to do it anyways.)
I'm new to this 4th gen stuff, if anyone has recommendations, tips or advice regarding anything. Feel free to comment.

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Nice list you have there, and thank you for your order(s) with us.

I would be happy to help point you in the right direction for a few of the items on your "TO DO" list.

I am assuming this is all for your 2016 Optima SX-L 2.0 T model?
I recommend the dual inlet V3.3 over a single inlet catch can, due to the fact that the Turbo model will see oil blow by in both the PCV & CCV sides of the engine.

This particular catch can will have (2) inlets and (1) outlet, in order to collect the additional oil blow by from both sides of the engine.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance finding the best option for your vehicle.
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