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Nice really like that you did all this by yourself!! but with our engine that is GDI and with the variable timing I would not suggest trying to tune it there is multiple map to adjust and you can only modify the ecu by purchasing the hyundai program witch is very expensive as far as I know!! but the thread I linked is really something that work it is REALLY far from what you see on ebay and the thread is around 350 pages with lots of dynos sheets to prove what they are talking about!! anyways sure the turbo or supercharge is the big thing but today there is other option available to us that may suit some people !!
Thanks... took about 2 months to get it streetable. FYI, newer versions of MS can handle variable timing... and more. Launch control, boost control, traction control, and tons of others. The tuning involved just gets harder... which should be expected.

Now, if there is a better option that already has the variable valve timing and such worked out... that's obviously the way to go.

MD you say they are able to 2.4's. Who does it? SFR? I think that is the info that is needed here... you have your ears to the ground more than just about anyone as far as performance mods go on these platforms.

Not sure how much Johnson was looking to spend on power... but for a DIY setup that involves custom tuning... I'd budget no less than $3000. And that is DIY'ing everything else. Factor in more money if you need to have your manifold completely fabricated, you can't figure out your charge piping, etc.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts