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Hello and thank you for letting me be here. I鈥檝e never been apart of anything like this. I currently have a 2015 Kia Optima Lx Gdi and would love to meet other owners for meets and build tips. There so much I love about this car I just hate I didn鈥檛 get the turbo one馃槆. I鈥檝e already added the state legal tint of 25%, apple car play, window rain visors, and the racing rims as well. Much more to be added 馃槆
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Welcome to the group @Tuzelitzey & congrats on getting your 2015 Optima!

Looks like you鈥檙e already off to a great start with the car.

Let us know if there鈥檚 anything that we can help you find to personalize it a bit.

We have an entire selection dedicated to your particular year and model.

Reach out with any questions we can help with.

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Wow thank you so much. I鈥檝e been having so much trouble looking online trying to find parts for this particular car and it鈥檚 made it so much easier. I鈥檓 making a list as I type this 馃槆
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