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Hello guys, I am a new owner of a Optima 2015 EX. I am Italian and I am studying in a college in Florida so I needed a car but my schedule was crazy because of the lessons, finding a apartment etc etc. So after days and days of research for a used car I found that at a dealer close where I am living and I bought it.
My experience with that dealer has been not the best ( because was my first time in USA and I was a easy pray :sneaky: ) so basically now I have my car that should be a 2015 Optima EX with some cool features as open roof, vented front seats heated all seats, UVO connection (that with the red small square screen).
I would ask to you if someone knows if there are updates for my UVO and if there is the possibility to add apple carplay on that or if I should replace the whole radio with a new one.
I would also ask you if you know where I can check if my car is covered by warranty as a certified by kia car
Thank you

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Hey there, welcome to the Optima Forums.

I am Italian as well, but born here in the US, and have yet to travel to Italy.

It is on my bucket-list though, and I do plan to go next summer hopefully. :)

Congrats on getting your 2015 Kia Optima EX model.

While we do not sell aftermarket stereo systems here, we do have one thing that might peak your interest.

We sell an OEM Integrated Navigation System for the 2015 Kia Optima model.

You can find more information about it on our site here: UNAVI X5 (OEM Integrated Navigation System) - K5 Optima Store

We are also able to offer you several hundreds of dollars off on the price, but cannot list it lower on our site per our agreement with the manufacturer.

If you're interested in finding out more information about the product, please reach out anytime.

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