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Just picked up a CPO 2018 Kia Optima S last week (10k miles), currently I'm about an 20 mile/round trip commute to work (No highway mileage, all city) but that is about to change around the end of the month. Unfortunately, my commute will then turn into a total of 130 mile/round trip (approx 75% highway mileage, 25% city). This isn't permanent, probably going to last a little under a year or so, but I want to make sure that I do as much as possible to make sure this vehicle can stay in great shape.

After looking through the owner manual at what they require being done:
Every 7,500 miles: Add fuel additive, rotate tires, replace oil and filter
Every 15k miles: Replace Climate control air filter, and inspect miscellaneous parts.
Every 45k miles: Replace spark plugs.
Is there more than the basics that should be done???

I'm extra curious about the "Eco" drive mode and if I should be using that for when I start my 130 mile/round trip commute? I'm hoping to accomplish around the 30-34 mpg's, especially since it'll be about 75% highway mileage. Will "Eco" mode help reach that and even more, or does it really even matter to have that set for my drive mode?

Thank you!
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