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Hi. I have a 2015 optima LX with base radio no navi. I want to swap to the EX radio that's iltouch and back up camera capabilities no navi. I read something about UVO cuz am new to Kia world have no idea what that is (doing my research). Read some post on the forum of swaping but didnt find a final result. Read some one said it did it but usb didnt work other said is posible but need the 13 wire harnes or so. If anyone have good knowledge can send me to the right directon. My main interest is the back up camera but dont want to lose the voice dialing feature on an aftermarket radio. Thanks. Here some image firts one my radio, 2nd the one i want. Cuz i already bought the infinity navy touch but dint work cuz need the amplifiers data etc. Hope can make it with this one.

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Hello and welcome to the Optima Forums.

I do not believe the different versions of the factory unit can be interchanged.

We do carry a plug & play OEM Integrated Navigation on our website below.

With our unit, you do not lose any of the factory controls, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, steering wheel controls, etc.

Retail pricing listed on our site is much higher than we sell it for, so if you are interested, just reach out and I will let you know about pricing info.

You can find the unit on our website here: UNAVI X5 (OEM Integrated Navigation System) - K5 Optima Store

Let me know if you have any questions rt all.

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