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2013 kia optima sxl
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Hey everyone my names Blake.
I am the owner of a 2013 pearl white optima SXL K5

Wanted to introduce myself. I've had the car about just over a year now.
I'm more of a suttle clean look opinionated person. So this build isn't to crazy considering I bought the car for the wife to drive back and forth to work.

What's done so far.
D2 lowering springs
18x9 +22 offset Xxr 530Deep Wheels
Neo updated badge set front rear and air bag.
Center lower front valance removed. (Have a carbon full lip and splitter taking it's place)
Hks sound plate.
Tinted all corners @ carbon 20%
With front banner.

Will update as I go forward. One thing I've noticed about the optima accessory and modifications is that parts are few and far between and the selections are alot slimmer than other brands.

Thank you for checking out. Looking for car shows in the 336 area if anyone knows any close please inform me.

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Hey Blake, welcome to the Optima Forums.

Congrats on getting your 2013 Optima SX-L. Great looking ride! ;)

Looks like you've already done a bunch of modifications.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you find.

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