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Hi all,
Just installing my exLED the new K5 1533L2 Power d Sequntial 2 waEyeline with LED modules but I realize that I have 4 wires on the module Black (GND), Red (Power), yellow (Turn) and blue (ILL+)
I connect the black, red and yellow and everything work very well but the DRL eyeline is not as bright I would like so I imagine that the blue wire need to be connected but I have no clue where to connect it.
I tried to reach exLED but since a few months I have no answer from them and I keep receiving email saying that the Tech could not help me. So I'm asking you guys if someone can tell me or send me an electrical diagram telling me how to connect the blue (ILL+). I'm guessing that blue wire will give the DRL more power...
So far everything working well but just not as bright... if someone already install it and could let me know how to make it more bright because if I compare with the brightness from the exLED I'm 1/2 way bright.
Thanks again!
[email protected]

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