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Hi everyone,

So I was fortunate enough to have a head on collision early New Year's morning. Not my fault, but other guy totaled my 2012 black lx (I'll throw a picture or two in).
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Well after a hellish week, I was lucky, and am now sitting in a 2013 black ex with infinity/nav. I'm absolutely astounded by how clean this car is at 69k, the interior is practically flawless, and only a couple easy to fix minor dings outside.

So, to get to the post, I already want to upgrade the audio and head unit.

Thanks to guys like bpery, Mchoffa and many others, we know that it is possible to replace the head unit with aftermarket in models with nav.

I've been sticky-noting every post I find relating to this topic.

First things first, I'm going to attempt to replace the unit with my pioneer 4000nex. I have app radio unlocked with ARUnchained Rootless. I'll leave the factory amp and speakers for a while, due to budget.

I'll start by removing the the climate control panel and verifying if I can find one on eBay or a junkyard that has same/similar pinout.

For the harness/adapter/swc I'm looking at metraonline/axxessinterfaces and this is where I would appreciate any help.

It seems that metra has released a new spdif converter which is model AXSP-HK. This works with the a newer swc module called AXDIS-HK1. I'm aware of losing fade with this setup, but I'd rather that over not having the infotainment I'm used to.

Has anyone used these newer harness modules as opposed to the older ones?

My hope is that I can connect all of this with a camera step down to retain everything factory except for the head unit and Bluetooth mic. I used the pioneer mic in the lx.

Eventually I will remove the factory amp, but I'm curious about post factory amp processing. I've also been sticky noting other posts regarding the addition of a JBL MS-8.

Is it possible to get any additional signal processing by tapping into the speaker wire after the factory amp?

The MS-8 is still around but discontinued. Now crutchfield sells the JBL DSP 4086. It has the same inputs and outputs but I believe it's amplified whereas the MS-8 was just a processor. Correct me if I'm wrong.

(Correction: the MS-8 was amplified with 18 Watts whereas the DSP 4086 is also amplified with 40 Watts each and has a DSP with laptop control)

If using something like this after the factory amp was possible, I would use it to grab signal for the front tweeter/mid(2 separate speakers) and front door woofer. I would be okay disconnecting the center speaker if I don't lose anything which I don't think you do.

It would be interesting to see if the 4086 would work because it has six ins and eight outs. I think I would just use the additional two outputs to push signal into the rear doors but this is where the information I have found gets more cloudy.

As for the infinity system in general, it's not terrible but I've gotten used to too much control, haha.

I'll be ripping all of my old stuff out of the totaled car today or tomorrow. I have the pioneer radio with Memphis power reference coaxials in all doors powered by a Rockford fosgate 4 channel and a little Memphis Street reference 10 powered by a Memphis 2 channel.

I want to use as much stuff from my old build, but I realize that getting as much as you can out of the infinity system is a tough one to crack without replacing everything.

That's why after I get the pioneer swapped in, I would love to have some way to DSP at least the front six speakers without the center speaker.

If I made that happen I feel like I would be happy with it, and maybe just line out convert my sub off of the factory sub like everyone else does and remove the factory sub.

If anyone who has attempted to modify the infinity nav system or anyone who has added post factory amp signal processing has anything to say or add, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sure I can get this done, but since the budget is short from the car purchase I'm trying to do things as smart and efficient as possible.

Eventually I will be copying bpery's build with custom a pillar and sail panel front three stage along with aftermarket amplifiers. Kudos again to him for that awesome build write up and to all others who have replaced the factory nav stereo.

Happy 2022!

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Thanks. Ya, I didn't get a picture but the airbag deployed. I'm all good though, thank goodness.
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