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Not so difficult!

SOME GOOD NEWS fellow "Opti-nuts"!:D

You DO NOT have to take the rear bumper cover off to remove the lower cover that holds these lights!!!

All you have to do is remove 3 plastic retainers from the bottom, remove 2 screws from each side, then work the 2 lower tabs loose on each side (these are the largest tabs on the lower cover), and then carefully pull out the 8 smaller tabs along the top of the lower cover (pictures to follow as we take them...). LX and EX models will also have to remove 2 plastic retainers from the bottom cover on the left side - SX and SXL models do not have this cover -- they have a muffler instead...

Once you remove the lower cover you can take out the reflectors and replace them with the repeaters.

Install is easy...just reinstall the 8 tabs along the top, reinstall the 2 tabs on each side, put the 2 screws in on each side, and then reinstall the 3 plastic retainers on the bottom.

Wiring the lights is another subject...

Left side lower cover hardware.jpg Right side lower cover hardware.jpg
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