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Ok guys (and gals), I need a little help with this one. Out of nowhere - nothing new done to the car - I get these 2 DTC's pop up. It seems to be pointing to the Intake CVVT system. Acceleration seems sluggish, and I suspect mileage is suffering as well. I looked up the resistance across the coii of the Intake CVVT Solenoid, and from what I see, it should be ~7 ohms. I tested mine, and it was at 35 ohms. Ordered a new one, measured before putting it in, and it was at 31 ohms. Figured I found incorrect info, and put the new one in anyway. I cleared the codes, but it keeps comming back. I don't see anything wrong with the plugs or connections. Any Kia techs wanna chime in?
I need to get this sorted out.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts