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While your under the car changing the oil and lubricating all joints and spraying a little CSP on everything you see starting to rust don’t forget the rubber cv joint and steering boots.

I like Black Magic protectant. Spray it on the cv and steering boots. They dry out and if they fail and crack and they do it will allow corrosion to attack the multiple joints and lead to premature and expensive fallure of the cv joint. That’s an expensive hassle easily mitigated,

Spray boots liberally with BM Protectant and wipe into the joint and wipe off excess. It works good boots will stay very flexible the life of the car.

Been doing this for 30 years never lost a boot And never had a car that need new cv joints. Try it once during an oil change then look at them next oil change and see the difference.

Everything on this car is super expensive to repair at the dealer it’s worth being a little proactive.

Good luck.
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