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Here's another LED Switchback install guide that taps into the light harness just behind the headlight, using t-taps. I'm not shy of soldering, but for me, the extra hassle of wasn't worth it. All in all, this is super easy, and anybody that dives in should be successful. That said, I want to offer another write-up with more pictures.

There's another thread with a much cleaner, advanced method of wiring. Thanks Crystalworks.
LED Switchback Front Signal Lights 2.0

And another thread with different pictures for reference and lots of great discussion. Thanks Jhall520, and I did use a couple of your pics here.
Switchback LED's (Front Turn Signals)

Now for my two cents.

I used the K5 LEDs, 5000k, (ordered with resistors, t-taps were included) to match my OEM 2011 SX headlight color.

What you'll need;

-new LEDs
-razor blade

Here's the finished driver's side, showing the completed resistor taped in right behind the headlight. Note the resistor is mounted to metal, as I understand theses can get hot.


1. Install the LED bulbs. The little arrow on the white plug shows the direction to close. When you replace the bulb, make sure to press the bulb into plug and twist.


2. Remove the headlight harness. Here's a pic from Jhall520's thread.


3. Use t-taps to tap in the resistor. You may need to extend the wires on the resistor depending on mounting location. For the harness, I used a razor blade to lightly score the insuation in order to peel it back. Polarity is not relevant here. Just tap one wire of the resistor into Pin #1 and the other into Pin #8. When using the t-tap, make sure the wire is not stripped. The t-tap will bite much better if it's allowed to chew through the insulation.


4. Mount the resistor to something metal. I used an existing place under a ground connection between the battery and the headlight (driver side). I had to slightly enlarge the hole in the resistor. I used the same location (passenger side) as Jhall520, though I used a small bolt and drilled a new hole in the metal.

Passenger Side
Resistor Location.jpg IMAG0299.jpg

Marvel at your work.
IMAG0302.jpg IMAG0305.jpg
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