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2012 Optima SX - Sold Aug 17, 2020 :(
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I've finally sold my '12 Optima SX 馃槶

So here are the last pieces of her that I'd like you all to enjoy
I'm located in Seattle, WA. Prices are without shipping. Shoot me a message and we can work something out.
I've also posted some items on OfferUp so you can check it out. You don't need to pay through OfferUp though.

I'm available via Facebook messenger and OfferUp as well.

K5 Aluminum Valve Caps - $20
Gently used. Great addition to the K5
OfferUp listing for K5 Aluminum Valve Caps

DRL with 5050 LEDs (Never installed - Bought off another member here) - $200
Facebook listing for DRLs
OfferUp Listing for DRLs

WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners! (bought from K5OptimaStore) - $150
Gently used. Need to just wash them up and the'll be good. Definitely saves your interior from getting beat up
Facebook listing for WeatherTech Floor Liners

Front Tower Strut Bar from J5 Suspension
Powder Coated Candy Red. Still looks great! Cleaned up really well. - $200
Facebook listing for FTSB

Mishimoto Oil Catch Can w/ accesories (bought from K5OptimaStore) - $300
Never Installed! Had plans to install but never got around to it :(
Comes with assorted right angle bit to make for a clean install. Plus the quick drain stopcock so you can easily drain without removing.

Canbus Control Module
Great little gadget in install on the Optima! (Professionally!) Loved having the proximity lock and the remote start. Plus the roof rack control from the keyfob!
K5OptimaStore will sell the wires for this, I'm just selling the CCM.
Facebook listing for CCM


2012 Optima SX - Sold Aug 17, 2020 :(
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