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I'd previously been hesitant when it comes to messing with a cars computer as well as looking at the price tag associated with it. When I tried to go with an up and coming tuner, it left a bad taste in my mouth about tuning and an engine that no longer worked. A lot of pain, frustration, and an empty pocket for a few months. Fast forward a year later and I was looking at taking the leap on another tune. The car was dialed in. Larger brakes, corner balanced and dialed coil-over suspension, intercooler, etc.. etc.. It just didn't feel quite as fast anymore because it was essentially begging for more.

I did more research and knowing the name and reviews from others, I bought the LAP3 Ecu tune. The load time was soooo much easier than previous experience. Simple connection to the ODBII port, some sequence of events. Bing bang boom. The car is ready.

I moved to California where the highest octane is 91. I wanted to keep the car a quick gas fill-up and no mixing of fuels kind of drive so I went with the stage 1 tune. A lot of people are going after the high hp number but it isn't quite necessary if you want to keep the car an easy daily. If you live somewhere else, **** yea! get a higher stage. I've been driving the car for a couple months now and with the tune. Where before the car would feel like it'd accelerate and his a plateau, it now feels hungry like it will keep pulling and pulling through the power band. It's insane! Yes, it costed more, but knowing I have the reliability, the ease, and fun back into my Optima made the LAP3 Uncle Boost tune was worth the price.
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