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I was able to FIND on e-bay, VERY cool sequential DLR/Amber turn signal kit for less than $10.00 per pair. Fast delivery and installed with double sided tape to top portion of headlight module. when hood is closed thin white Daylight Running light but when turning OR Emergency flasher activated you have an amber sequential light traveling from center to the outside. The trick is to connect to a powered fuse in the fuse box that goes ON when the car is running and shuts OFF when turned OFF.

Photo below is my fuse box for my KIA Optima EX.

Are there any aftermarket sequential head and/or tail lights available somewhere?

Too bad Exledshop is not responding to any mails, the y have some nice ones
. Red adder wire is to my rear emergency flashers that is HOT all the time, when this circuit is closed, rear emergency flashers are activated. The White / Brown wire connection at about 7 o'clock supplies the front DLRs.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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