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Hello, I was thinking for a while to replace my old radio with a newer touchscreen system. However I don’t have much knowledge on this matter and couldn’t find anything useful to a beginner in car/electrical technicality like me.
As I understand I have to get a dash kit first, which basically a frame I mount and where the actually stereo system will be installed. However I don’t understand if I need to get any additional adapter so that my electronics in the car work properly with the touchscreen, it is it usually standardized and it will just work with my car. Do digital stereo systems (touchscreen or digital radio, not sure which term is more applicable) differ by anything else other than features? Like if I have buttons on the stirring wheal do I have to get some adapter for wiring so that my stereo system works with my car system? After all is it even manageable to learn how to install this thing by myself without completely messing up my car electronics? I believe I would be capable to do something like that, unless the process requires special device to tune everything, or coding. I was thinking about just doing it at some car service, but it seems like it can be done a lot cheaper if I do it myself.
And in the end, do you have any recommendations on good digital multimedia system, or at least brands?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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