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Alright guys we have seen Beto work his magic on the remote start. But his original post is getting so long 22 pages worth of post and most of it is just people asking the same stuff over and over so... Hopefully this can clear it up. before you start asking... This is for ALL 2011-2012 Optimus including hybrids with push to start

***DISCLAIMER!*** I am NOT a proffessinal installer nore have I installed a remote start. I recently got mine installed proffessionaly, and in doing so went through berto's remote start threId multiple times. Also worked vry close wiIh my installer to make sure they got it right. That being sai... I take no responsibility for any damages that can occurs from the use of this write up. i highlyriecomend you read the fortin instructions provided here as well as the instructions for the remote start module you choose. If you have no clue what to do take this thread and show a proffessional installer. I showed berto's video to my installers and they believed!!! so here we go...

1. Buy a fortin evo-all bypass module and make sure it has the latest firmware on it otherwise you will need to update it to the new firmware. As far I as I know evo-all is the only module that will give favorable results.

2. Buy a remote start unit... I recommend one that does data to data (D2D) connections (ask the sales rep or read packaging it should tell you. Berto used python 1401. I would think that new units these days all do D2D. with D2D you only need splice somewhere around 4 wires or so

***NOTE***Stay away from wire to wire (W2W) It requires spliceing around 20 wires or so this document front to back! It is the install guide for the evo-all. ttp://

4. Start dissecting your car.

5. Install remote start unit, hook up evo-all

***NOTE*** MAKE SURE YOU CONNECT ALL YOUR WIRES PROPERLY BEFORE PLUGGING IN THE EVO ALL. If you have evo-all pugged in while connecting it will draw ground a fry the unit.

6. If you want to use the factory key FOB you need a relay connected to the lock wire to send a signal to the remote start to turn on the car.

***FROM BERTO*** "wire the EVO-ALL and [remote stat] in w2w mode w2w meaning " wire to wire" on the 1401 there's a blue/white wire known as the remote start activation input. now on the S.J.B "smart junction box" there is a wire there that gets a signal when the lock button is depress but that wire is a 12+ source and the 1401 needs a negative to activate the remote start on the remote start activation wire so u need a relay to reverse the polarity on it and thats it."

Otherwise you can skip this step and carry two key FOBS around up to you. I have mine setup to da triple pulse start. Meaning I press lock>lock>lock and car will start.

7. After you have hooked up all wires plug evo-all in and program it according to instructions provided in link above. Don't forget to make sure you set the remote start to douse or triple pulse to start car.

8. Make sure everything is working as it shold...refer to video

9. Zip tie alwires neatly and pit everything back together!

10. Enjoy!l

Those of you in Maryland, go to
Absolute Electronix
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Talk to Ata and tell him Duc sent you!
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